5 January 2010

Hide Away

For just a few more months I am in South London. All of the photos above remind me of our house. Me and Heather spent our first day here pulling ancient used tampons out the radiators. It is almost too big for us to handle, my rabbit has her own bedroom. I have a bedroom I have slept in once.

I love how it feels like the end of the world here, the bleakness, the fact that the new Tesco always feels out of place. You can walk for three miles in either direction and never see a Starbucks. But I hate how impossible it is to escape.

My room is always the smallest, my perfect room is one where I can just touch all the walls with either hand. This has only happened once, when I had a room that was 5ft by 5.5ft. I used to sleep with my head out of the window and my toe could turn off the lightswitch.

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