13 January 2010

My housemate spent £70 on bedding yesterday. Up The Decadence...

Classic NX non event at Goldsmiths today. Mainly involving: first honest study session I have ever hosted last night turning into indian and Christian Balle freak out. Honestly he scares the shit out of me. Forgot to read any C19 decadence but all those business cards in American Psycho were enough. Bed at 4am. Lecture at 10am.
Last year I made it to three lectures that started at 10am. And 50% of my lectures started at 10am. This year we trapsed into college + it's cancelled. FML.
On the plus: Steff has started saying Standard and I think we can get her saying Sweet by End of Play Today.
Best day ever to break in the bear jumper. Coffee and Pie Oh My.

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