29 January 2010

The Age of A-Q-U-A-R-I-U-S

In the Hobbit one of the few things that I liked was that when they have a birthday they celebrate by giving everyone else presents. This is what I think all birthdays should be like. Making a perfect day (or month...) and spending it with all your friends. My bf doesn't like birthdays very much but I think each year I am wearing him down a little. We are going to Essex, and I can't carry his present very easily there, so I made him breakfast today instead.

Recipe for a Very Cheap Smoothie (but made with Lots of Love)

1x Banana (as ripe as possible as it gets sweeter)
1x 1/2 Sainsbury's Basics Berry Selection (£1)
1x handful of museli (make sure there aren't any coconut pieces in it as it goes weird
1x tablespoon of runny honey
3x tablespoon of plain yoghurt
around 150ml milk
50 ml water
//Blend//Add water until it's smooth enough// Add ice//

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