29 January 2010

Let's Go Outside

photos from www.ffffound.com
In Reading Week (which is a week dedicated not to essay writing but loosing your sleep pattern, being very poor, very cold, watching too much Planet Earth and splitting bottles of Gordon's Gin over three days) we are going to Richmond Park on an Excursion. I am making a winter picnic and we are going to see some Fallow Deer.
Richmond Park is three times as big as Central Park, and also holds the Royal Ballet School (where Billy Elliot ends up). We used to go every weekend when I was young and it's the coolest place in the world. The gamekeepers make dens for you to find out of fallen trees, and you get to see stags rut and climb trees and generally feel how kids are supposed to feel.

Cormac McCarthy's The Road

I do Modern American Fiction. In our seminar yesterday we tried to think of an American Fiction written in the 20/21 Century that ended with an uplifting note. It has to be a 'credible' work. We were stumped.
Anyway I finished reading The Road today and I have little to say, other than it is a brilliant and bleak. I haven't cried so much since Rowling killed off Sirius.

The Age of A-Q-U-A-R-I-U-S

In the Hobbit one of the few things that I liked was that when they have a birthday they celebrate by giving everyone else presents. This is what I think all birthdays should be like. Making a perfect day (or month...) and spending it with all your friends. My bf doesn't like birthdays very much but I think each year I am wearing him down a little. We are going to Essex, and I can't carry his present very easily there, so I made him breakfast today instead.

Recipe for a Very Cheap Smoothie (but made with Lots of Love)

1x Banana (as ripe as possible as it gets sweeter)
1x 1/2 Sainsbury's Basics Berry Selection (£1)
1x handful of museli (make sure there aren't any coconut pieces in it as it goes weird
1x tablespoon of runny honey
3x tablespoon of plain yoghurt
around 150ml milk
50 ml water
//Blend//Add water until it's smooth enough// Add ice//

28 January 2010

generate your own cassette www.says-it.com/cassette
Well I don't know what happened but I completly crashed out tonight. Might have had something to do with watching the very overrated Garden State. Here's a mixtape.
The Shins, New Slang
Voxtrot, The Start of Something
Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Pin
Pixies, Here Comes Your Man
Florence & The Machine, Dog Days Are Over
Laura Marling, New Romantic
Massive Attack, Unfinished Sympathy
The Verve, Sonnet
Everything But The Girl, Missing
Everything But The Girl formed in Hull. This makes me feel like anything is possible.


Too Much Love for this thing.

Belated 18th Birthday Present

A very dear friend gave me this cute beyond cute Action Sampler Lomography Camera for my 18th Birthday. It's been sitting on my camera shelf for three years, I sort of forgot I haven't finished using it yet. I'm going to wait for day trips and saccharine days in the park to get enough brightness. I can't wait to get it developed though.

Calvert Gallery Exhibition

Last night we found our way to Calvert Gallery in Shoreditch for its first exhibition opening. There were a few surly security guards so I didn't take any photos inside. Once outside, I realised how nicely the champagne had taken effect on all of us... Mark and Fanny
Fanny, Keelan and me.
Me and Keelan
Keelan, Mark and me.

Becca, Guj and Joe.

We ended up in The Owl and The Pussycat until close.

I don't make a habit of taking chicken off strangers but I was so hungry, plus it looked pretty good. Tah mr. man.

Me and the Lovely Guj

Sean with a Bankok Ladyboy. See below

Fanny and Sarah and Ladyboy timez.
Inevitably the last orders were rung, we mished it down to London Bridge where we realised not only were the trains still running but Burger King was still open. Score.

That's me with Marks Super meal and my humble Regular meal.

Nighty Night.

26 January 2010

No More Listmania

Wowzas. Even after some trick-question searches, it's pretty sharp.
This year, I want to find a bookshop I can make a home.

The Room at the Top of the House

This is where me and Aubrey live.

Jumble Jumble

From audreyhepburncomplex.tumblr.com

If you find yourself in New Cross, and more precisely, Goldsmiths S.U., next Tuesday from 12-3,30pm, come and visit us at Jumble Jumble. If you'd like a space, email avaszajna-hopgood@hotmail.co.uk, or find me or Heather on facebook ja?

Paper Planes

Before laptops and blogs I kept notebooks. Most are safely stashed in York, but a few stay with me. I realised a few weeks ago, that for whatever reason, I had lost all the writing I have done since moving away. Some of it was important, some not so much. I reverted back to my notebooks, to see if I had anything left. It's mostly a collage of my favourite bands and friends, but inbetween those pages, the odd inspiration sticks out.

To Zone 6

I spent Sunday in Surbiton, home of The Good Life, and probably the place that still feels most like home. I ate a marathon lunch and then took my parents up to St.Pancras, where we eyed up Peyton and Byrne Victoria Sponges and Mum gave the bf his own set of plaid pajamas.

25 January 2010

Aubrey Agatha's Tea Party

It was the anniverssary of Aubrey Agatha Outrage Beaton-Beardsley II reaching one year this month. We do not know when precisely but she certainly needs a whole day dedicated to her unmistakeable fluffiness.

We listened to Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, and of course the Marie Antoinette Soundtrack. Kate, Amy and Hannah brought lovely cakes they had made themselves, with custard powder to make them very dense, and cute letterings. We all had enough twee to last us a good week or so I think. I will post the recipe on here if they ever divulge it to me...

Amazing milk jug I received at Christmas.

Hannah, Guj, Amy, Kate, Keelan, Heather, Seamus, Naomi, Me, Bianca

When it comes to birthday cakes, More is More.

We made some installation art work we think Sam Taylor-Wood would be proud of.

The living room ended up looking a little like Miss Cherie Dior, if you drank enough tea and gin and stayed in there for hours on end, which is what we ended up doing.