17 January 2010

Birthday Season #1 Kate's

Birthday Season kicked off with Kate's last Thursday. We went over to hers for cutie pie cakes and home made birthday cards first.
The Birthday Girl

Heather and Naomi doing their homework...

Double denim. Standard.

Amy with Heather's impressive creation.

Bendy bus routes always allow for plenty of pre drinks.

When it isn't a Dante-esq writhing pit of Barbour jackets and undercuts, Off Modern isn't half bad. We didn't end up in A&E like last time at least.

Heroes of the night: 21 Seconds to Go, Gorillaz Clint Eastwood, Sweet Dreams, Do U Wanna Ride, Against All Odds

I can safely vouch that yes, this did hurt in the morning.

That's mud- but it didn't rain that night..

The fate of my 'K' necklace.

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