25 January 2010

Aubrey Agatha's Tea Party

It was the anniverssary of Aubrey Agatha Outrage Beaton-Beardsley II reaching one year this month. We do not know when precisely but she certainly needs a whole day dedicated to her unmistakeable fluffiness.

We listened to Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, and of course the Marie Antoinette Soundtrack. Kate, Amy and Hannah brought lovely cakes they had made themselves, with custard powder to make them very dense, and cute letterings. We all had enough twee to last us a good week or so I think. I will post the recipe on here if they ever divulge it to me...

Amazing milk jug I received at Christmas.

Hannah, Guj, Amy, Kate, Keelan, Heather, Seamus, Naomi, Me, Bianca

When it comes to birthday cakes, More is More.

We made some installation art work we think Sam Taylor-Wood would be proud of.

The living room ended up looking a little like Miss Cherie Dior, if you drank enough tea and gin and stayed in there for hours on end, which is what we ended up doing.

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