31 March 2011


Tomorrow I'm catching the train a coupla hundred miles north, Home. Can't wait, over and out xxx

Shoplifting from American Apparel

If I had not read it yet it would be what I would read this weekend.

30 March 2011

Aubrey Love

I was going to do a post on rabbits but after a few minutes I decided none of the ones featuring anywhere on the internet could make the grade next to Aubrey, at which point I realised I've never properly introduced her to Veruca Salt readers!

Aubrey Agatha Outrage Beaton-Beardsley II is a blue netherland dwarf and has been my best friend and room mate for over two years now.

She's highly adept at posing for photos, fond of a bit of tongue-in-cheek twee and has a mega penchant for Gossip Girl trivia, in other words the best company a girl could have.

Look out for her guest posts once GG is back on air.


The Dorchester, Streatham

If you ever find yourself in Streatham between 12 and 2.30pm I would recommend popping to the Dorchester for your lunch.
Through the net curtains you will find a tiny cafe with a no nonsense menu and very cheap bills. I usually have freshly deep fried haddock, potatoes and garden peas, two cups of tea, a glass of squash and peach crumble to finish. The prices are as dated as the exterior, coming to about £5.00 a head for the best home made meal you can get within zone two.

Wednesday Crushday

Clueless's Elton, played by Jeremy Sisto. A "snob and a half" maybe, but check out that tonal vertical stripe/waistcoat fanfare. 1990s big guns.

29 March 2011

blue blue jeans

No meat, extra olives.
Homemade pizza, nothing quite like it.

Cell mate number two

Congratulations Sofia Coppola! You made the cut and will be joining Barbara Hulanicki as part of Veruca Salt's much coveted assembly of imaginary cell mates.

28 March 2011


Krissy Lovely

Wild ThicketLink
Wild Thicket
Wild Thicket
Wild Thicket
Wild Thicket


House by the sea
House by the sea
from Wild Thicket

Pit Stop

Abney Park, London

Instant Elvis at the Deptford project
Some last photos of winter, one of my fav festive years to date. These were taken before I packed in my job and caught the first train I could home. I'm happy with how alien they look to me now.

27 March 2011

I said be careful his bowtie is really a camera

I found this silky number tucked at the bottom of the scarf box one Saturday at my old work, Beyond Retro. What caught my eye wasn't just the beautiful colours and type face but the fact that Alcatraz features on a souvenir scarf- so funny.

Weekly Supplies More More More

Imaginary hawl.

26 March 2011

I Married A Communit by Philip Roth

Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall lead a protest against the HUAC

I spent three years promising myself there would be endless Sunday afternoons and dank Tuesday evenings to spend pouring over the stuff I was trying to cram into a fifteen minute tube journey. Now I'm finally facing up to the ratio of books I have read from my course (twelve) versus books I have dog eared at 50 page intervals so that when sitting in seminars no-one could question my ability to read the wretched things (current estimate 140).

It seemed an obvious choice to start once again on the syllabus with the worst offenders, and the worst of the worst is I Married A Communist by Philip Roth.

Radio witch hunts and inflammatory press allegations told by a brother from the sidelines ...it's not my fave, but I'm glad I got through it.

If you like, try:
The Manchurian Candidate -1962- the Frank Sinatra one , brilliant for surreal scenes depicting brainwashing at costume parties.
The Crucible- 1953- Arthur Miller- same shit different day.
American Pastoral-1997- Philip Roth- gold standard.