15 March 2011

Viktor Wynd's Little Shop of Horrors

Stuffed lion cub, £410
Emu Egg £20
Butterfly £60
Surgical Knife £40
Stuffed Crow £117

Five postcards £2.50

At the weekend I went with Fanny on a wee trip to 'Hackney's Leading Curiosity Shop' (really not sure where the other ones are but it's a marvellous claim to fame in itself). For a mere £2 we spent a hungover Sunday poking around the innards of Wynd's fascinating collection housed in a basement parlour. My favourite pieces included a mummified penis that used to belong to Oscar Wilde's personal menagerie and a stuffed lion sat at a dinner table. I wasn't able to take any photos of the inside but did get some amazing post cards to add to my somewhat down budget collection.

A fine fine way to spend a Sunday morning.

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