30 March 2011

Aubrey Love

I was going to do a post on rabbits but after a few minutes I decided none of the ones featuring anywhere on the internet could make the grade next to Aubrey, at which point I realised I've never properly introduced her to Veruca Salt readers!

Aubrey Agatha Outrage Beaton-Beardsley II is a blue netherland dwarf and has been my best friend and room mate for over two years now.

She's highly adept at posing for photos, fond of a bit of tongue-in-cheek twee and has a mega penchant for Gossip Girl trivia, in other words the best company a girl could have.

Look out for her guest posts once GG is back on air.

1 comment:

  1. Aubrey is divine. I am so envious, I am desperate for a pet rabbit.