26 March 2011

I Married A Communit by Philip Roth

Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall lead a protest against the HUAC

I spent three years promising myself there would be endless Sunday afternoons and dank Tuesday evenings to spend pouring over the stuff I was trying to cram into a fifteen minute tube journey. Now I'm finally facing up to the ratio of books I have read from my course (twelve) versus books I have dog eared at 50 page intervals so that when sitting in seminars no-one could question my ability to read the wretched things (current estimate 140).

It seemed an obvious choice to start once again on the syllabus with the worst offenders, and the worst of the worst is I Married A Communist by Philip Roth.

Radio witch hunts and inflammatory press allegations told by a brother from the sidelines ...it's not my fave, but I'm glad I got through it.

If you like, try:
The Manchurian Candidate -1962- the Frank Sinatra one , brilliant for surreal scenes depicting brainwashing at costume parties.
The Crucible- 1953- Arthur Miller- same shit different day.
American Pastoral-1997- Philip Roth- gold standard.

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