6 March 2011

Weekly Supplies

Welcome to a new weekly fixture... Weekly Supplies
I've always felt a bit strange about posting on single pieces of clothing on blogs- because I see a lot of people doing it really well and also just a dress or a shoe on it's own- I'm never sure how that will translate.
That was until Naomi introduced me to my new BFF - Svpply. It's fun because after a few minutes of collecting bits and pieces from around the internet you get to see patterns emerge you never though existed in your head. I for one am a sucker for black cocktail dresses- day or night- but in Svpply mode everything goes rainbow for me- no worries about what will suit or what you can afford- it's all just whimsy. Perfect.

So to satisfy my consumer hankerings, each week I'm going to do a snap shot of Svpply. I've done a bit of a bumper shot this week with some MW in tow for good measure.

And inbetween- here is my Svpply page.

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