27 April 2011

Aubrey's GG roundup 4x18

Aubrey’s back with her weekly round up of GG events. She’ll be writing them about a week in advance so no complaints re: spoilers please.

First off, call off the search for best quote of the season. We got it:

“You are ass backwards crushing on Blair Waldorf”

AREN’T WE ALL? Episode 18, The Kids Stay In The Picture saw a complete return to form for everyone’s fav Queen B. Amazing nightwear and heartbroken Basses litter the ground she walks on, whilst vintage Blair spent an entire episode raining on Dan’s parade, bickering with Dorota and paying little attention to the ridiculousness that is the van der Woodsens.

Because we do have to talk about them at some point I’m afraid. Even as their first uneaten brunch scene unwound, I could hear Charlie Brooker’s molars grinding with the pain of such clunky dialogue:

“I can’t believe you asked Carol here without clearing it with me first.”

“What’s to ask, you’re her sister.”

“For good reason, Carol turned her back on Lil.”

“I would say there was some blame on both sides.”

Incase you couldn’t guess, Lily’s sister came to visit, and apparently there’s some history, or something. Main thing is she looks nothing like Lily, or Serena, or her own daughter, Charlie, who Dan will spend the next three episodes lusting over. Probably.

Serena’s day wear saw a dial turn-down from 11 to a humble 9. Substantial coat? Tick. Ear ripping diamonds? Also tick, but it's an improvement.

All in all, the show had all the hallmarks of a GG back on top. Vanessa even made a classic cameo, busy indulging in her favourite hobby: clinging to walls where more attractive people are talking nearby and making unwelcome phone calls from Brooklyn cafes that start with “so... I know you didn’t want to hear it from me but.... I had to share.”

Oh, and just how can Chuck Bass make regal look lonely better than a single Mia Thermopolis at her own birthday ball?

Tune in next week for the roundup you've already watched. XOXO

Wednesday Crushday: Nikolai Fraiture

The problem with the internet is one day you go to find The Strokes Candid Photos section of their website that was there when you last checked in 2005 and it's gone. Devastating. Scarce traces remain across google images of some amazing photos of the band, just as I begin to realise maybe Nikolai was the hot one all along...

26 April 2011

Nowhere quite as bad

“Hey, who’s the guy you’re with?”


“That guy, I’ve never seen him before. What’s his name?”

She was one of Valerie’s set. Really long brown hair, tiny shift dress, not smoking but out in the smoking area anyway. Helena? Helen? Hot in a take it or leave it sense. I was pretty sure she’d actually been with Carl before, she’d definitely been tasked on, but not recently. As per usual, I had no idea if this girl could know Carl’s real name or if he was now operating under another one.


I pretended to look in my pocket for my blackberry whilst really watching as the name took hold, seeing her process that if she could get a surname out of me she could find it all online. Actually, if she was any good, all she needed was a first name. And Louis would lead her down entirely the wrong path. And if she went to talk to him tonight? At least Carl would know who had inquired after him.

It had been pretty hard to ignore how the girls in our old, over familiar clubs looked twice as we arrived. I saw how they stared. Still ordering drinks right next to him, begging for attention. Hilarious. Pointless. How boring it all must be to them, if Carl could provoke such a lame reaction. Just imagine them all, scanning the facebook event attending list, seeing me there and now able to guess Carl (or Louis depending on who you spoke to) would be too. Extra perfume. Maybe a new dress. Staying until four instead of two. I turned back from the balcony to the club.

It wasn’t just me that had noticed a change in Carl. All his eccentricities were sharper, more focused. They were so skillfully done they almost appeared natural. Suddenly he was best friends with a lot of bands we’d been working months to make analogue contact with. I don’t need to tell you that his first few nights back were pretty nauseating for everyone else.

“You okay?” Carl was walking in the opposite direction, away from the stage. His collar less shirt remained done up, but it didn’t look awkward like the other guys. He had his baccy pack in his mouth, his hands busy rolling.


“Join me for another will you?"

He handed me a liquorice rizla prison roll. Jesus. Europe.

We found a clear space by the balcony railings, finally able to smoke into something other than other smoke. I squinted in at the windows. I thought I could see Helen pointing us out to her friends.

“I honestly don’t know how you put up with it for this long.”

“Same way you did.”

“Hah. Yes. That’s the problem with London. No where’s quite as good.”

“Or bad.”

His expertly crooked teeth smiled through the stub of his fag.

“Or bad.”

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25 April 2011

Not suitable for weddings

Don't marry her! It's a shame You've lost that lovin' feelin' but She's lost control and Your love alone is not enough.

24 April 2011

But you can give them to the birds and bees

This week's supply is brought to you by the films La Dolce Vita- 1960, and A Roman Holiday, 1953.

You can get all the links here.

23 April 2011

Happy Easter

Always commit to your theme. That's a key life mantra between Aubrey and me. So we spent today baking a chocolate fudge cake with icing for grass, admiring Lindt bunnies and shopping for daffodils.