15 April 2011

Cellmate number three

(For any Johnny come latelys, the cellmate game is explained in this post.)

The third coveted cellmate position goes to Sandra Beijer, writer of Niotillfem.

All photos by Sandra Beijer and from Niotillfem
I found Sandra's blog over three years ago, and I've been reading it every day since. It's pure escapism, never saccharine but often just indulgent enough to lighten up any tea break or the first five minutes of the all too early morning.

Quite simply, Sandra's blog is full to the brim of everything I love. Friday night birthday dinners, boat trips, lusting over beautiful dresses and endless parties leading into slow-down Sundays. Rabbits, carbonara and fancy dress... what endures throughout every post is Sandra's ability to spot the gorgeous parts of everyday weeks and weekends. Her blog is an ode to optimism and for that reason alone, she's earnt an unconditional place as cellmate number three.

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