7 April 2011

Weird Dreams EP launch

LinkWeird Dreams// Not Cool// The History of Apple Pie
On Tuesday night we went to Weird Dream's EP launch at the Victory in Shoreditch. It was so much fun, especially as all three bands that played sounded so so good.

Top pre-drinking tip: keep spare plastic cups at hand under the sink. If leaving the house in a hurry, simply transfer drinks to plastic, and the party can continue at the bus stop!
Unfortunately as with many times, the better the night, the more my photography skills (or severe lack thereof) suffer. If you don't believe me, please see Exhibit A:
A potentially lovely picture of Kelly-Marie and Charlotte. I soon gave up taking any photos of the night, which is probably a good thing because about a zillion friendly faces turned up and I would have spent far too much time taking photos of everyone!

Luckily you can read about Weird Dreams with photos by Sean over at Dazed Digital instead.

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