12 April 2011

Charity Shop Treasures: Aldis Slide Projector

Last Sunday, on my weekly saunter round the charity shop I came across this beauty of a box. Anyone that experienced my vanity case obsession a few years back knows I'm a sucker for luggage, and the fact that I couldn't work out how to open this case for ages only fuelled my intrigue.
When I finally got it open, I realised I had found something pretty special.
An original Aldisette Slide projector, fully working, with a decent bulb and cable. There was no way I could leave the shop without this under my arm.
What's more, when I got home I realised this little book had been placed beneath the projector, full of slides dating to 1968 of Eastern and Central Europe.
So once it got dark we shut off all the lights and held our own slide show, full of places we'd never been and photos we'd never taken, but still pretty exciting. Finding something so old that works just like new makes you treasure it even more.


  1. lovey you'll have to come over for a show and some spring time cocktails on my trays! howsaboutit??xx

  2. 1968. From the shadow of Russian tanks?

  3. Can you tel me the bulb it uses. I have found one that needs a bulb!