7 April 2011

After school

If work is hard, I come home to this.
But it's a rare day indeed that the postal gods shine twice on my letterbox!
My Vogue subscription and Love Film DVDs arrived simultaneously, which makes for a fun fun fun evening. Company comes in the shape of Catfish, Everything is Illuminated and alot of nuptial nattering from Vogue.


  1. Postal God's shining on me too. :) Mad Men series four and a book on 40s fashion. Heaven!

  2. Love that fabric ... where from and how much?! x

  3. ikea, one of the cheapy cheap bed spreads! xx

  4. This reminded me of Carrie Bradshaw - there is an epsiode of SATC where she says when money was tight, instead of buying dinner she would sometimes buy a Vogue magazine instead b/c it "fed her soul" I adore Vogue