27 April 2011

Aubrey's GG roundup 4x18

Aubrey’s back with her weekly round up of GG events. She’ll be writing them about a week in advance so no complaints re: spoilers please.

First off, call off the search for best quote of the season. We got it:

“You are ass backwards crushing on Blair Waldorf”

AREN’T WE ALL? Episode 18, The Kids Stay In The Picture saw a complete return to form for everyone’s fav Queen B. Amazing nightwear and heartbroken Basses litter the ground she walks on, whilst vintage Blair spent an entire episode raining on Dan’s parade, bickering with Dorota and paying little attention to the ridiculousness that is the van der Woodsens.

Because we do have to talk about them at some point I’m afraid. Even as their first uneaten brunch scene unwound, I could hear Charlie Brooker’s molars grinding with the pain of such clunky dialogue:

“I can’t believe you asked Carol here without clearing it with me first.”

“What’s to ask, you’re her sister.”

“For good reason, Carol turned her back on Lil.”

“I would say there was some blame on both sides.”

Incase you couldn’t guess, Lily’s sister came to visit, and apparently there’s some history, or something. Main thing is she looks nothing like Lily, or Serena, or her own daughter, Charlie, who Dan will spend the next three episodes lusting over. Probably.

Serena’s day wear saw a dial turn-down from 11 to a humble 9. Substantial coat? Tick. Ear ripping diamonds? Also tick, but it's an improvement.

All in all, the show had all the hallmarks of a GG back on top. Vanessa even made a classic cameo, busy indulging in her favourite hobby: clinging to walls where more attractive people are talking nearby and making unwelcome phone calls from Brooklyn cafes that start with “so... I know you didn’t want to hear it from me but.... I had to share.”

Oh, and just how can Chuck Bass make regal look lonely better than a single Mia Thermopolis at her own birthday ball?

Tune in next week for the roundup you've already watched. XOXO


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  4. Does CottonCandy know, "My friends say no don't go for that..."? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cv6aQ1_-5IQ