27 February 2010

26 February 2010

i heart orlando

Sick of Twee

photo from mischief & manic marbles of the mayhem-esque me’s blog

Welcome to Senate House

photo by Ronald Hackston, on flickr.com
This library is where Hitler intended to house the Nazi offices upon invading England. It is where Orwell based his Ministry of Truth and Office 101 actually inspired Room 101.
Today I spent seven hours here, after which I felt my soul getting sucked into the Ghostbuster tastic stonework, and had to get outta there. This place makes Goldsmiths Library feel as cosy as a Hogwarts common room. The American Studies dept. now has its own study rooms which look and feel much like prison scenes from the Baader-Meinhof Complex, so at least that's some wardrobe possibilities I can work with.
P.S. Facebook Cold Turkey is going well. I feel like a whole person again instead of a multifaceted status update.

25 February 2010

Weeknights at the Royal Albert

Mark moves his hands so much! My camera can't cope!

(has anyone else realised how sexist and ethnocentric Guess Who is, or is it just me?)

Bookit: A Million Miles Away

If you long to be in a far off place right now, give this a read. The best account of magical realism I have ever read, and too perfect to save for just summer reading. But do make sure you get a copy with a family tree on the first pages.

Pick Me Up

mylittlenose.tumblr.com is very good at the task.

24 February 2010

Afternoon Tea at Betty's

For a Birthday treat I went with my best friends to Betty's for Afternoon Tea. This is one of the only parts of Yorkshire culture I have been able to embrace and it is something of an institution in the North... the type of place the locals love just as much as the American tourists. The menu is Swiss-Yorkshire, which sounds ridiculous but somehow works. The rosti are to die for. The York tea rooms used to be an old mess halls for the RAF and downstairs you can find mirrors engraved with messages from homesick pilots.
First we had to work up an appetite, so we went to see some familiar sights... (oh and I spent all day in Dr. Zhivago themed envy of Nicola's outfit- above).

York Minster. standard.

Such a lovely day xxx

Honey Blossom Twinkle-Toes

My cat doesn't like mice or birds, she likes cheese and croissants. She stole one out of the bread bin yesterday for brunch. Her favorite cheese is parmesan or montgomery jack. I like that her name doesn't suit her at all.

23 February 2010

The Trouble With Boys...

...is when they were hot, I was four.
from The Face, January 1994

Sold Out

And no more getting made. ever. :(((((((((((((((

1999 according to The Face

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