23 February 2010

Pass The Gin Shergar

Photos from our party. messy.

Wingdings, Courtney Love, God, an Alien, and JFKs hand.
Chem and Patty
Lee Harvey Oswald

Shergar, Guj the Conspiracy Theory Believer and Rasputin

Shergar and Diana chillin
Courtney Love, Courtney Love's crotch, and an Alien
Don't know what JFK is looking so happy about
Activia Yoghurt and Diana

The Queen and Alexander Litvinenko chilling out.

Chemical warfare and Courtney Love dancing in the night away...

In other news... I'm off Facebook until after D DAY, (D for Dissertation). So if you want anything, just holla yea? Or email... aubreyagatha@hotmail.co.uk -- Status Update free since 16:00 and life feels gut ja.

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