17 February 2010

I Want It All, I Want It Now.

Photos by me, 2007.
Me and Steff started getting worried about falling out of love with London today. Returning to London was the only thing I ever wanted to do, and now I'm here, it's like Voi -La. What more do you want? I have it quite acutely timed to around 7-8 weeks before I have to get out, for a day, a weekend, a week. Any longer than a week is way too long, so it must be love.
I found this beautiful blog today http://www.thisisnaive.com/ , and the following post, A Lo-Fi Guide to London, which is as lengthly as it is informative and full stop amazing. It lists specific churchyards to visit in Spring for the cherry blossom, iconic Soho delis were business is so good they don't open on weekends, and unforgetable deepfried calamari stop offs on the very beloved Columbia Road.
It's enough to make even the most tired of minds relent, pick together enough change for a travelcard and get on the bus.

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