15 February 2010

Primose Bakery Recipe Book

Considering my best friends are in charge of the Women's Institute at Goldsmiths, you'd think I'd share just a smidgen of their panache for new-school baking. Instead, all my efforts are either historically uncooked, curdleling or smeared over tupperware (thanks to a bumpy tube journey to college). Where they could discuss Red Velvet Cake recipe variations at length, I was mixing my butter icing with margarine and forgetting to sieve the icing sugar. I'd all but given up, vol au vents were much more my forte thankyou.

This all changed when Kate gave me the Primose Bakery book of Cupcakes. I've had a furore of inspiration (Earl Grey in a cake?!) and can't wait to get back to folding, sifting and icing.

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