21 February 2010

Annie Hall for Winter Continued.

from Facehunter, Sartoralist and Sadie's Wardrobe.
Now I actually hate Annie Hall the film. It's my least favorite probably because it's the most hyped. Give me Small Time Crooks or Manhattan Murder Mystery and I'm your gal. But not Annie. However, Diane Keaton's iconic wardrobe in the film is something to be admired on its own. Something about the tweed and waistcoats reminds me a little of Carroll's White Rabbit, and I love how fun this look can be if it is taken literally, playing with the proportions (oversized ties, shirts, trousers) and adding a pocket watch or white frilled socks for good measure. This is a great way to recycle any mens tailoring left lingering from A/W, and as you're layering up, no need for a coat!

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