15 February 2010

Royal Albert, Deptford

By Three O Clock on my Birthday we all miraculously trooped down to the Royal Albert in Deptford for Sunday Lunch and some serious Hair of the Dog action.
I managed to get through six Bloody Marys. When they're £3 a pop it's all gravy.

Lunch was absolutely delicious, and for £8.00 in London, a bargain. Extra Yorkshire Puddings were 75p, so of course I had three.

Mark was pretty happy to finish his first.

I never eat pudding, but as we were the last table eating, the chefs had made an extra one and I got this on the house! Chocolate and Strawberry Creme Brulee. Who knew a pudding could taste so good??

Seamus arrived baring an amazing gift of five Holga Films! I can't wait for the Lomography-fest to begin!

We pretty much set up camp for three hours in the middle of the pub. Certainly the best way to spend Valentine's Day. Perfect Lunch, Perfect Pub, Perfect Day. Thanks guys!

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