8 February 2010

One Girl's Rubbish...

Is Another Girl's Party Dress

One of the first things I learnt from working in a vintage clothes shop is that some styles will always look hideous, and some will always work. Yes Keira Knightley looks amazing in the Green Study Dress from that scene in Atonement, but it doesn't mean everyone is a 1930s natural. Most people will either suit a 50s, 60s, or 70s silhouette, but rarely more than one. This can also be applied to hemlines. Although I get alot of flack about adjusting all my dresses and skirts to a very short length, that's the length I love most. Everyone has a dress length that looks best on their figure, depending on your leg shape, overall body silhouette and most importantly your attitude. I adore 60s shift dress lengths but know anything from the 1950s just swamps me. Once you've found your perfect dress length, you can start turning old dresses everyone else has written off into cute new ones (I also wrote a post about adjusting playsuits here ... http://rompgirls.blogspot.com/2009/03/just-cant-get-enough-of-saturday.html ).

I found the dress above at work and although everyone else hated it, I couldn't resist the Minnie Mouse-tastic pattern and silk fabric. It just needed reworking at pretty much every other angle...

Firstly I lopped the hem line way up to my preferred length.

I added a beaten-up belt to toughen up the cuteness,

With the spare material from the hemline, I made some tighter cuffs to give the dress a more tailored shape. You could also make a Desperately Seeking Susan hairband out of any spare fabric, but I felt this pattern was already 80s enough!

I'm still not happy about the neckline, but I will mull over it as a work in progress! With opaque white tights and some black mary janes this jem is good to go!

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