28 February 2011


Friday came at long last, and with it a little party at our flat.
The gorgeous Alice popped by with a very welcome Prosecco shaped guest
Along with Nina, who must have been to every birthday I've had in ten years, she's a staple party guest.

With the lovely Miss Hutchins
Gin time with Guj x
The lovely Kelly-Marie and Liz
Craig and Sean
We eventually headed down to a nearby club...
And woke up with a lot of headaches... mended with Edward Scissorhands and tea tea tea.
Not sure if Mark's had kicked in yet...
And ended the birthday season the only way we know how: with a humongus order from Domino's. Until next year folks...thank you everyone for such an amazing time xx

Pre Party

post party

Seven layer glitter topped rainbow cake please

My mum makes my cake every year. This year as a 'joke' (I only make jokes I am serious about) I asked my Mum for a seven layer rainbow cake. I had seen the above photo and knew my Mum would be up for the challenge. But even I was amazed at how brilliant- and tasty- this year's offering was...

Two weeks on, I've only just finished eating it after sharing it round with everyone and anyone who comes through my flat door. Thank you Mum you made my year xx


One thousand and one apologies for my recent absence from here. To make up for it, here are some saccharine tastic photos of February aka Birthday Month. This year I started off in Manchster.
After gettin dressed in the dark and catching a 6.30am train I arrived in Manchester to see my bffs. They were hungover (out celebrating on my absent behalf) and I was in dire need of a cuppa, so we found our way to Giraffe for brunch.

A lovely night spent in Manchester full of £1.29 cava, cupcakes and very very cheap taxis.

Home Time

Next stop along the Birthday train was Home (the one with a capital H), which is York. We didn't do anything but nice things.

olives that look like sweets
home time breakfast

raiding the fridge
my partner in crime, Honey Blossom Twinkle-Toes xx

11 February 2011

No you can't call me her name

It's my birthday soon so here are some photos I never blogged. None are mine, all are from either
http://maddiebailey.tumblr.com (which is shut down. why?)
http://musesofhumanity.tumblr.com/ (also shut down)