4 February 2011

Shoreditch House Literary Salon

photo from http://www.thelemming.com/lemming/dissertation-web/home/links.html

A year ago, if anyone had said literary salon to me I would have run a mile. Just attempting to read Gertrude Stein's 'Tender Buttons' put me off any notion of being artfully draped over chaise lounges laying into other people's creations.

As you would expect, Shoreditch House's Literary Salon is about as far away from this albeit outdated idea as you can be. Hosted by Damian Barr, the evening is soaked in complimetary gin and tonics and complete with pizza from Bar East. There, I'm sold. The atmosphere was as near to unpretentious as you can be in E1 and the readings witty and relevant.

I was too enraptured by the speakers to take any photos, so I'm afraid you'll have to deal with the terrifying innards of Stein's salon.

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