6 February 2011


oh how times have changed...

So this week Gossip Girl reached new lows (highs?) with it's faux film title, my fave and most awkward so far.

In at number:
1. Damien Darko
2. Blair Waldorf Must Pie!
3. It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World
4. The Blair B***h Project
5. O Brother Where Bart Thou?

Now everyone seems to be over the transformation from witty, midly stretching ("wait, did they just refer to Blair's never-ever referenced bulimia?!") drama into full blown Dallas for the I Generation, we can be content in sitting back and letting the writers run this thing into the ground.

But where did it all go quite so wrong? Once upon a time GG felt like an updated Cruel Intentions. It was all snappy dialogue and midnight pool parties, the plotting, the post mortems. Oh those halcyon days when Blair and Chuck were an unthinkable idea. When 'Lonely Boy' Dan was a little lonely and mainly resided in Brooklyn and not in the lobbies of wherever Serena happens to be that night.When Little J was small and cutesy and not the terrifying uber goth that just loves getting impossible to enforce restraining orders from Manhattan. When yoghurt could be thrown and hair bands snapped.

There are a few GG drinking game posts online but none of them seem to take the idea of actually using this wasted 44 minutes wisely. This version needs a few dress rehearsals but so far I feel I've got the main components down.

Take a shot:
1. When someone checks their blackberry
2. When someone yells at Lily for lying
3. Lily gives silent money to someone (or, depending on which series is being viewed, when reference to Lily blackmailing/ framing/ cheeting in general pops up).
4. Eric looks upset
5. Rufus looks upset
6. The Humpreys try and organise breakfast, (two shots if Rufus offers to make waffles) but only Lily eats it.
7. Bowls of croissants, waffles and bagels on the breakfast table but all anyone picks at are the blueberries.
8. When Blair says 'Dorota'.
9. When you can see where Jenny's hair extensions start.
10. Any scene in which Nate doesn't: sleep with someone/drink/smoke/take drugs/say or do anything controversial.

Dirty Pint Scenes:
For every exchange of lines between characters involving these scenes, pour one finger of your drink into the dirty pint.
1. Blair and Serena equally mysterious opening convo of 'don't be a bitch/don't pester the convict'.
2. Dan and Rufus/Vanessa 'I really should do some writing, you know, at some point in the four series I've been here for.'
3. Chuck in a scene with prostitutes/escorts/hotel cleaners that is meant to be hot but actually shows how much he's lusting for Nate/ Dan.
4. Serena/Lily powerstruggle.
5. Serena/ Blair powerstruggle.
6. Blair/Chuck powerstruggle.

To Drink the Dirty Pint:
Last person to txt someone else in the room the letters XOXO when seeing the following in an episode
1. Opening camera span of a party/
2. charity gala/
3. masqued ball/
4. premier/
5. blog launch/

There. Now everyone can be a little more Skins (UK) and a little less GG circa 2011.

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