15 March 2011

Bloggy Dinner Components

Tapas via Stockholm and Morroco...
Sweet potato, red pepper, chilli and spinach frittata.
mozzarella and tomato with balsamic dressing

chorizo and home made guac with two avos, chilli, coriander, lemon, mayonnaise and a ton of black pepper.

Cous cous with spinach, olives, tomatoes, dijon mustard, sunflower seeds, lemon and spring onions.

Last week Alice stopped over to chat about too cute blogs and listen to too cute music. We also made a crazy amount of food (not pictured: red wine, chicken satay thingys and some beauts m&S trifle) that made some pretty stunning boxed lunches the next day!

Interweek dinners and sleepovers are the best things ever.

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