28 January 2010

Calvert Gallery Exhibition

Last night we found our way to Calvert Gallery in Shoreditch for its first exhibition opening. There were a few surly security guards so I didn't take any photos inside. Once outside, I realised how nicely the champagne had taken effect on all of us... Mark and Fanny
Fanny, Keelan and me.
Me and Keelan
Keelan, Mark and me.

Becca, Guj and Joe.

We ended up in The Owl and The Pussycat until close.

I don't make a habit of taking chicken off strangers but I was so hungry, plus it looked pretty good. Tah mr. man.

Me and the Lovely Guj

Sean with a Bankok Ladyboy. See below

Fanny and Sarah and Ladyboy timez.
Inevitably the last orders were rung, we mished it down to London Bridge where we realised not only were the trains still running but Burger King was still open. Score.

That's me with Marks Super meal and my humble Regular meal.

Nighty Night.

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