17 January 2010

Easy Peesy

This soup is another good surivial tactic for Sundays. It can be made inbetween tea/fag breaks and if there are other people around, they can owe you about 5 cuppas each in return. The key idea is that there is no need to leave the house to make this. You just need two types of vegetables that won't clash tastewise and a type of onion (spring onions or leeks are good).
Sweet Potato and Carrot:
2 x sweet potato
2x carrot
2x onion
1x vegetable stock cube
pepper to season (you can add salt but there should be enough in the stock)
To Serve:
Put the kettle on. Make a cup of tea.
Get a big pan. Heat a little butter, on a medium heat. Finely chop two onions and add to the pan. Onions give a much better flavour when sweated slowly. So once they have started to soften, turn the heat down even more and add a little water. Heat for around 5 minutes. They will taste much sweeter and give a more robust flavour to your soup.
Put the kettle on again.
Whilst all this is happening chop up the sweet potato and carrot, add to the pan. Stir in with the onions, make sure nothing burns. Add pepper.
Mix around 750ml of boiling water with a stock cube. Add this to the pan. You may need more, it must cover all the vegetables.
Add a good knob of butter, around 50g. Allow to boil, then turn the heat to a medium/low. Cover.
Check back every 15/20 minutes or so for around an hour. You can leave it for more or less time depending on how well your work is going!
Once all the vegetables have cooked through, put some bread in the toaster.
Whisk with a hand blender. Bring to a simmer. Ladel into bowls, with a dollop of natural yoghurt, a little parmesan and a handful of coriander. You could also use cream cheese if you're feeling decadent.
Finis. This will serve around 6 bowls, just make sure you share it!

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