20 January 2010

Shake Baby Shake

It's been a really good week for 90s playlists. First Clueless Soundtrack has finally been put on Spotify. Second, we rediscovered this gem in our kitchen: Crush Compilation Disc 01. Yes there's some duffs (I'm looking at you, Weller), but they only make absolute classics like High and Dry shine a bit brighter. And let's remember, this isn't any retro collection, we can't blame the 90s for bad foresight, they did also give us Elastica.
Due to the fact that everyone in our house is a mix of everyone from our halls, I often turn up to dinner at friends only to eat on my old plates I was in no rush to carry to Islington. This cd is Steffs that she left in a kitchen in New Cross two years ago. Little did she know Heather stashed it away for two more house moves and we still love it to bits. I typed up the tracklist just incase she nicks it back anytime soon...
>>click on the photo for a clearer view

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