11 January 2010

Wanna Come?

Loan Day was today, for once a played down affair, I celebrated by buying a new sketchbook for my work and some smoked salmon. I took ages in Sainsburys, re-remembering what I used to eat when I didn't eat rice and mayonnaise and fish fingers. And when I didn't have to try and make hair spray from sugary water (actually works well). We all went to the Hobgoblin tonight (maybe best pub again? Are we all finally over the Amersham?) - packed as everyone has money and I guess no more deadlines.
It's funny how you struggle for two years to try and fit in somewhere, that somewhere being the cruelest and glittering labyrinth of a city. And then bam, you can't think of anywhere you'd rather be (or even could be). Nice timez.
Something Poignant to think about:
Lily Allen or Amy Winehouse, but Lily Allen has a hairy back.
Alex James or Pete Doherty but Alex James has got a well hairy and well unavoidable back. Like as much as you don't want to think about it it's there and it's well hairy.

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