13 January 2010

See Our Friends, See The Sights, Feel Alright

Late Christmas// Loan Day was topped off with the best ever late lunch at Breakfast Club. While the cast of Skins (and 24Seven for anyone that remembers those days...) seemed to think everyone in the place wanted to hear about their Bafta nominations, me and the bf tucked into burritos, wraps and wedges. I heard mixed reviews about their Hoxton outpost, but if anyone was ever late for their shift in the summer it could be blamed on this place, and understandably, as it was delicious. The scattered fairy lights and polaroids that cover a bare brick wall made for a genuine relaxed atmosphere, not just that faux Urban Outfitter-esq nonchalence. Plus, it was slightly cheaper than Ed's Diner, and there weren't any stools for me to fall off! Wonderbar.

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