10 January 2010

My housemate is having a bath and watching The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe. I need to up my decadence game.

Me and Snowy

Actually I usually make it a rule never to discuss my dreams with anyone as I find it a dull and often non-insightful habit. However. Last night's dream doesnt even need translating it was pretty harrowing. I was at my 21st birthday and it was massive, literally as if all my facebook 'friends' had been invited or something (and we all know that would be an awful, awful party) and I was basically going around shouting at everyone. My voice was hoarse from the shouting so I couldn't do enough of it. Then my best friends went off to get the birthday cake... I turned around and everyone was already eating it. At this point I completly lost it. How dare they eat my cake without singing happy birthday to me. I will let you draw your on conclusions while I try and work out a way to Grow Up very quickly.

And with that in mind...

I'm off to do some actual studying. My main resolution was to finally, finally, become one of those fabled English Lit students that finish books just by (seemingly) picking them up, that write short stories just by looking out onto the New Cross landscape for inspiration and that have little awareness of the passage of time or when Alex James Classical FM programme starts.


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