25 January 2011

Happy Burns Night!

All photos from Hello Mr Fox

In celebration of Burns Night I thought I'd post on my favourite blog based in Scotland- Hello Mr Fox. Hannah, its creator, studies in Edinburgh and I love the presence of nature and the wilderness in so many of her posts, so it's no surprise she studies Zoology.
Just as I fell in love with Stockholm through Sandra's writing at Niotillfem, Hannah's blog has also led me to fall in love with Edinburgh from afar. It's packed with second hand and charity shop finds from Scotland so I've saved all my christmas money for a wee splurge and I can't wait to hop on a train up there this weekend to explore for myself!

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  1. She's one of my Fav's too. She takes the most beautiful photo's and always finds the most amazing things. I hope you have a wonderful time and I hope the charity shop gods are good to you. :) xxx