16 January 2011

The Aviator Interiors

Whilst I was searching for photos that would do Kelly-Marie's post on the Aviator justice I came across a piece in Architectual Digest and decided the interiors definitely needed their own post. For the Aviator production designer Dante Ferretti collaborated with set decorator Francesca LoSchiavo. The photo above depicts their vision of the Cocoanut Grove. Ferretti and LoSchiavo used historic photographs and documentary films to recreate the elaborate, exotic style of the infamous night club.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Beckinsale, playing Howard Hughes and Ava Gardner, on location in the living room of a 1928 Hollywood house by architect Lloyd Wright.

The Wright house courtyard

“I try to interpret periods. I try to think, How did people live?” Ferretti says.

The stylized office belonging to Hughes’s rival Juan Trippe, head of Pan Am Airways. A beautiful room even for a rival.

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  1. AMAZING Ava, I just want to live in these pictures.