17 January 2011

Beyond Oxford Street

Just average breakfast...
Mini shop of dreams.
The beautiful Lauren
Me, thinking I was out of shot...

During a super sweet stint at Urban over christmas I managed to pick up quite a few good finds- my favourites of course being the gorgeous Lauren and Kam!
Kam and I only had to work one shift together before the topic of Sweden and our mega-love-for-anything-about-it popped up. We've been planning a Scandiphile day out for weeks and finally made it to the Scandinavian Kitchen where our smorgasbord dreams were granted: row upon row of open sandwiches, amazing chocolate meringue cake and rich velvety coffee that definitely counts as a whole breakfast... you know the sort. The rain and the fact that Oxford Street loomed about 10 metres away didn't matter as we also found our way to Lauren's favourite coffee joint, Fernandez & Wells on Beak Street (coincidently from my first shift with Lauren I learnt that the only Aussie stereotype that seems to ring true is that they know their coffee, and how to get hold of it in a city of tea drinkers).
Next time you can get a case of Topshop Princess Syndrome (snatching dresses off girls in changing rooms... stomping your feet when the last vamp lipstick is sold out...) these places should top you right back up to human again.

Top image from So Sticky then four photos are by Kam, (thanks!) bottom two by my terrible broken camera.. :(
Check out Kam's post on the Scandi cafe for a better review...

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