12 January 2011

Brighton Rock 2010 What's Not To Love?

Sam Riley doesn't exactly make it easy for himself. Not only did he manage to entirely pull of Ian Curtis in Control, (oh and bag the leading lady and actually make it to Berlin where they now live happily ever after...) but now he's taken on a part Richard Attenborough all but immortalised in 1947.

From the trailer alone Brighton Rock 2.0 looks stunning. There's something about English racketeering and gangster films that always appear to have a much more cool, calm and collected exterior compared with their American counterparts. Perhaps because half the action takes place in a tea room, or (as with The Krays- 1990) their mum's kitchen.

"What was not to love? I got to wear a beautiful blue suit, have a scar put on my face, slick my hair back, ride a scooter and be horrible. I loved slashing John Hurt across the face with a flick knife and calling Helen Mirren 'an old bitch"

The man's got a point...

Oh and as I was writing this post the Guardian decided to do the same...

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  1. This is going to be amazing, it looks beautiful. Can't wait x