26 January 2011

I Heart Birthday Cake

My 21st Pink Treble layer sponge. With sprinkles.

Rachael's 21st, Cheese Cake. Or just a general pyramid of dairy vice I guess.
Aubrey's 1st Birthday.
Midnight for Seamus's 21st.
Kate's 21st
Seamus's 19th, strawberry sponge (later found out he doesn't like cream...)
My 21st- Free Chocolate and Strawberry Creme Brulee at the Royal Albert, Deptford.
My 21st- Peyton& Bryne Chocolate Mousse cake my parents had delivered to my work.
Nicole's 21st, Chocolate and Raspberry. No you can never have enough stuff ontop of a cake.
Heather's 21st
Another cake from Aubrey's 1st.
Aubrey's 0 Birthday, why wait a whole year to start celebrations?

My 20th.
Lucy's Birthday
Rhys's 21st... can you tell what it is ....ever?!

Victoria, chocolate, coffee, toffee, blue, glitter, triple layered, bundt tin, mickey mouse tin, rabbit tin, burnt, flat, stale, pixelated... I love Birthday Cake. Making them and eating them of course. As a self confessing Birthday Monster I love any excuse to make the festivities last as long as possible, and what better way of reminding everyone that you are still a Birthday Girl than with endless slices of Birthday cake to offer to anyone in a mile radius?
Birthday season is at last in full swing, and whether its for Aquarius/Capricorn whatever... there'll always be plenty of cake.


  1. Mario doesn't look as distorted as i remember him! High 5 for 8am icing. love you! xx