25 January 2011

Monki Lovin

Leona Dress in Rose $10
Paula Jumper $25
Simone Dress, $30, Lindy Shirt Light Blue, $30, Leona Dress, $10, Lindy Shirt $30

I'm not the best dab hand at Polyvore but I really wanted to do a post on the amazing sale at Monki I came across today. Although the pieces don't look like much on their own, the minute I started adding accesories it's obvious there are some big team players in this collection. It might have gone into stores in 2010 but there's quite a few items that are really good basics to have at any point over 2011 in a wardrobe.
Anyone who is familiar with my wardrobe will know black and/or sheer are basically the key (only) things I love to wear, so I'm even more upset to see these dresses and blouses in sale at about £6- £20 per item. I thought I was miscalculating my SEK again but no!
I really hope Monki hurry up and come over to the UK, I can't bare to see such bargins out of my reach!

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